This was written in Meingast’s distinctive script next to Luther’s hymn “Ein neues Lied wir heben an” in a hymnal owned by the University of Vienna:

“Suum cuique: One piece of the quarried granite goes to the capstone above and another to the foundation underground. The virtue of the stone is apparent in both.”

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  1. I found a transcription of an interview circa 1926 with Meingast’s long-time friend and admirer, the Lutheran pastor Walter Stützenhofen, who described their friendship in rather effusive terms:

    “Being friends with Meingast, associating with him, one feels … let me put it this way: everything seems painted in pure colors, without any grays at all. There one stands, entirely oneself, fully illuminated. Today everything divides into hundreds of layers and becomes opaque and blurred — HIS mind is like glass! Not that I always see eye-to-eye with him, of course. But even then, listening to him … one feels shudders of light inside.”

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