Hallowed Hollowness II

“Gentlemen! We find ourselves in a crucial epoch. We, so called ‘civilized’ men of intellect, are only now emerging from a primitive phase in which one mode of thought has been elevated to the highest degree due to its usefulness in practical matters. Surrendering to purposive intellectuality has helped the primitive man over many hurdles. Building carriages, steam engines, and looms – attaining such mastery over Matter, to the primitive man, was a source of twittering glee. But the benefit came with a price of losing our link to that higher and nobler sphere of life, where in lucid moments we feel our minds moved by forces of an entirely different order. In this dispirited age, we live in deep sadness. The contemporary man of intellect can seek to ignore it, or numb it with drink or distraction. But no matter how hard he tries to rid himself from it, it sneaks up and ensnares him at every move. Far from senseless, this sadness is a message—a desperate form of communication—to our mechanized part, which serves as our captor and carries out our everyday functions. We are, all of us, in a period of transition to a new, more joyous phase of development. A new order, structure, cohesion of energy, is what’s needed. Pseudo-intellectual individualism and liberalism have had their day. Our task: to regain ourselves as Spirit, by arriving at an understanding of ourselves as Spirit, in thought!” (Hallowed Hollowness: On Machines and Modernity)

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